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Empower your campus with SEL skills.

Leadership must start with ourselves. Through accountable action, resilience, positive decision making and determination to live a life of joy and balance each of us have the power to navigate life's challenges and celebrate the successes. These are skills that we teach and empower youth to embrace. From this place our youth purposely decide the influence they want to be for others and step into doing All It Takes to be the leader they want to be.


Professional Development Training

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Staff Development Training Will Ensure Larger Campus Understanding Of The All It Takes SEL Curriculum And Philosophy, Increasing The Ability For Students And Teachers To Relate To Each Other With Accountability, Resilience, Independent Problem Solving, Self-Efficacy, A Sense Of Community, And Acceptance Using The Notice, Choose, Act® Framework.

All It Takes Curriculum Manuals


Classroom SEL Support:

Leadership Camps

AIT's flagship experiential youth leadership training camps create an environment where students learn to recognize and embrace their individual strengths and weaknesses, the strengths and weaknesses of others, and learn to build personal and social tolerance for all traits in all people.


Together, students participate in activities that fundamentally assist them in understanding the profound impact their actions have on the world around them from the perspectives of social leadership and personal insight. Through this experience students create a dynamic shift in their ability to relate to others offering a new paradigm of personal responsibility for the well-being of self and others. With this new paradigm students and staff return to their campuses with an action plan and the tools to create cultural change that increases school safety, individual well-being, and a setting where all students can thrive academically and socially.