Year Three challenges students to take on full ownership of their skills to improve situations for themselves and others through direct action. Master Leaders will recognize their power and position as being an opportunity to lift themselves and others to greater social-emotional well- being. In this all students on a campus experience the positive attitudes and genuine interest thereby learning from the oldest classmates.


Master Leaders embrace their innate and learned strengths as well as notice the areas they are less adept at in order to powerfully choose to how to ACT to achieve positive outcomes for all parties. As the class of students in the highest-grade level on a school campus, Master Leaders see themselves as mentors and role models who can be looked up to and trusted, not as intimidating ‘top dogs’ who should be feared.


The ability to lead with mastery develops over time through skill development and practice. Once students have practiced in their own life, true skill mastery comes when they are able to facilitate for others. Year Three of LDTPE will place students in the role of facilitator as they put more of their skills into direct ACTion.


Empowering those they work with to be their best selves. In the role of mentors, Master Leaders ACT with purpose and confidence, willing to care for others while at the same time taking care of themselves.

The Master Leader will take full responsibility for the outcomes they create in both the short and long term, for themselves and others. They will commit to being an ACTive leader where they understand and embrace their part in the school community, the places it thrives and the places more can be done. Master leaders are adept at self-reflection, are self reliant and compassionate empathizers. They seek to listen and understand more than speak to tell.


The Master Leaders on your campus will be trailblazers, modeling a culture of a safe, inclusive school community; forging the path for all students to thrive, academically, socially, and emotionally.

LDTPE Year Three

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