Year One focuses on Building Community. The communication skills built through experiential activities and challenges will pave the way for students to NOTICE what is and is not working to their benefit in areas of their school experience and beyond. Students will begin to Notice how their attitudes, actions, self-talk, influence, and more effect not only their actions, but also the words and actions of others.


Students will learn the NOTICE CHOOSE ACT framework in depth and begin to Notice areas they previously felt powerless and begin to embrace ways of being, speaking, and listening that builds their self-esteem through independent decision making, self- regulation, acceptance, understanding, and proactive communication.


Building Community is divided into two parts: Communication and Teamwork. Under the Communication and Teamwork umbrellas, specific lessons, each with a focused experiential activity, will be taught, implemented, re-enforced, and carried forward as new ones are added, creating a scaffolding of skills that will transfer to masterful integration of social-emotional, intrapersonal, and interpersonal experiences.

Year One is an introduction to deep level social-emotional learning traits that are often new to students. The skills, like every other academic program, needs practice and patience, as well as a commitment to go the distance. Educators, like the students, will need to practice the language, emboldening them to create their best outcomes from what they begin Noticing.


The results of this perseverance will be a kinder more inclusive school climate. One that the students create themselves as their self esteem, empathy and self reliance grows to levels that far exceed expectation. From this empowered state students will be emboldened to personally embrace their academics and their social-emotional well- being.

LDTPE Year One

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