Year two of LDTPE focuses on Building Capacity. Continuing the development of the Notice Choose Act® formula, year two will focus heavily on the CHOOSE component.


LDTPE capacity building includes developing, refining, and strengthening emotional intelligence and literacy skills that are needed for students to adapt and thrive in their current grade and beyond. These skills are noted in the research to be critical to a child’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing set of life circumstances. Additionally, these skills have been noted to be key in successful transitions such as adolescence to adulthood, student to employee, as well as in relationships, and as stewards of an ever-diversifying global community.


Learning and practicing these skills prior to high school sets children up to be self reliant, purpose driven, and responsible for the outcomes they create. In this accountability there are significant emotional gains including self-esteem, self-efficacy, empathy, compassion, work ethic, and a deepening of one’s sense of belonging and purpose.

A running theme in year two, ‘Capacity Building’ is the focus on how one will CHOOSE to Influence. As a leadership program it is important to note that youth will lead in different ways and from different platforms. Some may never actually step into a traditional definition of a leadership role. They may not lead others.


The caveat however is that while one may not lead others, it is critical for youth to recognize that they are always ‘influencing’ others. With every word, action (or non- action), attitude, tone of voice and body language position, they are actively being an influencer. Building Capacity adeptly requires that youth recognize how they influence and then CHOOSE how they want to influence. Sometimes how one actually influences is not how they think they influence.


The important part of this is first taking inventory on how one influences and then deciding, on purpose, if it matches how they CHOOSE to influence. From here, designing steps to achieve the influence they choose is powerful and possible.


All of Year Two curriculum will have the thread of ‘choosing’ and ‘influencing’ running through it.

LDTPE Year Two

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